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Blue Skies and Yellow Fields

Started in Radio in the early 90's as a traffic reporter flying over Austin in a Cessna 172. After 4 years of airborne reporting, he left the skies and moved inside the studio working in CHR top 40, Classic Rock and Country under the alias "Buck Naked". After moving to Lampasas in 2011 he found himself at Lampasas Radio for 3 decades of broadcasting.  Untill he discoverd casey and became  the lead morning DJ of  the  "The Ken & Casey Morning Show". From there he decided to take the show and grow with his own bussness! Hill country radio Mix online!!


Casey began her radio career by doing a commercial voiceover for a company she was working for at the time. Ken met her and hassled Ronnie until she was brought on in 2018 as a production specialist, voice over, weekend DJ, and news anchor. She is now the Casey to "The Ken & Casey Morning Show" on

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